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Handmade Stock Shoes in any width from "AA" - "EEE"!  



In the 20+ years we have been in the custom shoe business, we've found that many people need a wider shoe rather than narrow.  Recently we started stocking a little wider "stock" shoe in the "E" width but people tend to need the widest shoe we make ("EEE" width) or move up to a "Full Custom" or "Semi Custom" shoe because their feet just don't match up with any stock lasts.

To make your specific shoe, we sometimes like to have the tracings in hand because we may spot some  modifications that may be needed like adding extra room for a toe that may stick out past the others that may not fit comfortably inside our "Stock" shoes. 

The main thing with making a custom shoe is that you get to accommodate length and width if you feel you need a little extra room in the toe box or overall fit. 

Regardless of the shoe you choose, They're very light and the stack height is extremely low just like all R7s.

What does it mean when I place a deposit?
Placing a deposit means you saved a spot in our order list and will be sent a molding kit (for semi and full custom shoes only; no kit is required for handmade stock shoes). No matter the wait time (which may vary slightly), once you've placed the deposit, we're working through orders and getting closer to yours. When we get to your order, we will send you a final invoice with your shoe design details to make sure everything is correct and begin construction.



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