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Information and Frequently asked Questions

Handmade Stock vs Custom vs Full Custom


Handmade Stock Shoes:

These are shoes built around any one of our standard lasts in the R7 library that range

in all lengths and widths from 38AA-53EEE. This is a standard shoe last:


What we do is choose a standard last that most closely resembles a client's foot tracings and build the shoes around said last. You get to accommodate length and width. They're very light and the stack height is extremely low just like all R7s.



Semi Custom Shoes:

Same as above (we find a standard last that most closely resembles your foot's length and width) but we also take a foam impression of your feet to integrate your specific foot shape into your custom shoes.  Typically, when your feet don't have optimal arch support to distribute the pressure inside your shoes, your toes tend to go numb and your feet fall asleep.  It is similar to an orthotic but extremely light weight with no added height in the heel area which an orthotic can have an extra 3-6mm of height added in the heel area and when inserted into a stock shoe, your heel can raise out of the shoes which can cause heel slippage. They also provide arch support without compromising inner volume or weight. Foot tracings and Bio-Foam impressions are required (materials provided in molding kit).

Also, if you have a very wide foot (surpassing EEE width) or have a slight Morton's toe or a small bunion, or anything minor that we can accommodate this by adding material to the standard last before we lay the carbon fiber sole (so as to reflect the added space in the sole) we can do that. It's basically for people who have "mostly" normal feet with small quirks that can't be addressed otherwise.



Full Custom Shoes:

The full custom is the "all out" fit-like-a-glove option. We recommend full custom when your feet are really pushing into the outlier spectrum of shape, width or medical issues. This includes very, very wide feet, large bunions, high arches, narrow heel with a wide toe box, crescent moon shaped feet, post surgery accommodations, amputees etc. We would send you a molding kit which includes the aforementioned Bio-Foam impressions as well as molding socks to make a mold of your feet. You will need someone to mold you (doesn't matter who) since all you can be doing during this time is sitting with your feet resting on the molding platform we also provide. The molding MUST BE DONE DURING A FACETIME CALL WITH THE OWNER, KC. He will guide you through the entire process. It's not necessarily complex. We just need it done a certain way to get what we need from the molds. Once shipped back, we fill the sock molds with plaster which results in an exact replica mold of your foot and build the shoes around that. This effectively allows us to make a shoe that fits onto your foot like a slipper. No one but you would be able to wear your shoes since it is literally built around the natural anatomical shape and contours of your feet. Full custom shoes also come with the integrated footbeds previously mentioned.

*If you are experiencing nerve related issues and are thinking of full custom shoes to alleviate said issues, please consult with a medical professional prior to purchasing. Full custom shoes could very well remedy your problem, but could also potentially do nothing or amplify the issue.*

What does it mean when I place a deposit?
Placing a deposit means you saved a spot in our order list and will be sent a molding kit (for custom and full custom shoes only; no kit is required for handmade stock shoes). No matter the wait time (which may vary slightly), once you've placed the deposit, we're working through orders and getting closer to yours. When we get to your order, we will send you a final invoice with your shoe design details to make sure everything is correct and begin construction. 


Why such a long wait time?
The entire shoe is built by hand. It takes time. The long wait times are more so us simply finishing the orders that were placed before yours. Some steps in the building process have to go just right otherwise we have to back track or start over. This is where the blood, sweat and tears come in.


How does the molding process work if I can't come to you?
We send you a molding kit. Custom orders are straight forward. Foot tracings require you to stand on a piece of paper, you step into a pair of biofoam impression boxes and you're done.
Full customs require a bit more coordination. You will need someone to mold you while you sit and rest your feet on the molding platform we provide in the kit. It may sound daunting but it's actually quick (20-30 min) and painless. All full custom moldings require a facetime/skype call with the owner, KC, who will guide your molding assistant throughout the entire process.


Do you offer cobbling services?

Yes. You can send in your shoes at any time with a service & repairs form outlining exactly what you need done to the shoes. PLEASE TAKE CLEATS OFF OF YOUR SHOES BEFORE SENDING THEM IN. WE WILL CHARGE YOU $20 IF YOU SEND YOUR SHOES IN WITH CLEATS ON THEM.

Are there any stores that hold R7s?
No, but we have plans to establish a wider presence in the near future.


Are the shoes durable?

We have customers that come in with 20 year old shoes that still have life in them and simply replace the uppers. This means they essentially get a brand new pair of shoes that are already broken in. The trick is to not walk in them too much (unless you have MTB shoes) and avoid puncturing the carbon fiber sole with a jagged point, rocks, etc. R7s can take their fair share of a beating but, the best policy is to take good care of your nice things. 

Should I put my orthotics in R7s?
ONLY IN HANDMADE STOCK SHOES. All custom and full custom shoes come with our high density foam integrated footbeds that provide proper arch support with almost no added stack height. If you have orthotics with special medical accommodations, we can also incorporate them into your shoes. We prefer to mold your feet with said orthotics on your feet so they sit snug in place on the finished carbon fiber soles. 


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