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Orthotics are a popular and cost-effective way to add arch support to your footwear. Most orthotics sold today are essentially heat molded plastics sandwiched between multiple sheets of foam with varying densities. The goal of this material combination is to produce arch support by molding the plastic to your feet just enough for the foam material to fill in the odd gaps and contours the plastic didn't mold to correctly.

R7 orthotics work a little differently. We like to make our orthotics by hand using carbon fiber molded around a plaster replica of your foot imprint. This translates to a more precise fit which in turn produces additional wattage transferred into your bike!


Wide Cycling Shoes, Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet, Peloton, Spinning Shoes, Spinning shoes for wide feet

PRICE $300   WAIT: 3 Weeks

  • Made with carbon fiber for rigidity

  • Made to slip into most footwear

  • Biofoam impressions required (materials provided)

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